Our Vision

The design and manufacture of high-quality concrete furniture and home accessories that will delight and accompany their future owners for a long time. Their design is meant to make a meaningful statement, exude character, set accents, surprise, but at the same time not impair the functionality of the furniture and let it fit harmoniously into the room.



Jim Rohn


Everything started some years ago, as we were looking for a few pieces of furniture to set up our own apartment. We wanted them to be timeless, sustainable and minimalistic on one hand and noble and elegant on the other hand. That is when we came across the term “concrete in combination with furniture” and quickly discovered our love for this material; because, contrary to what is often mistakenly assumed, concrete can be slim and smooth.

The fine structures of the surface, the feel and formability of the material have inspired us and still do today. After long experimentation with different formulas and admittedly some setbacks, we created our first works. In the meantime, we are using our own formula made of ultra high-performance fibre-reinforced concrete and have optimised our manufacturing processes, which allows us to break new ground in creativity.

Today, in our workshop, individual concrete furniture and accessories are created made entirely by hand. We make sure to underline the unique impression of the material. Our philosophy is to design high-quality objects that- often in combination with wood, steel, stainless steel or liquid glass- stand out due to their distinctive appearance, but at the same time ensure a coherent overall impression.




Our Philosophy


Modern and timeless design

We have set ourselves the goal of designing concrete furniture that delights the senses, stands out, personalises rooms and rounds off and completes the overall picture




The natural durability of the natural material concrete itself leads to a long durability of our concrete furniture. Carefully selected precious woods underline our desire for sustainable and responsible “construction”.


Quality in every aspect

Our concrete furniture is almost all handmade unique pieces. From design to manufacture, aspects such as functionality, mechanical properties, surface quality are always in the foreground. We are our toughest judges...


Cooperation with local suppliers and partners

We cooperate with locally based small and medium-sized businesses. In addition to short transport routes, personal contact, flexibility and the handling of individualised lot sizes play a decisive role. In addition, we are firmly convinced that ideas, “meraki” (doing something with love, passion and soul) and the will to implement demanding projects, tend to mature in small groups.

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Individual concrete furniture. In- & Outdoor designer elements made of concrete. Modern concrete lamps, create the right ambience. Concrete accessories straight from the factory. 100% handmade!

We deliver to the EU & Switzerland!

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